Cell phone services

Cell Phone Services

Feel like your paying too much for cell phone service? Then it is time to switch. If you’re like most people your monthly cell phone bill is over $100 dollars per month not including taxes and fees.

It is time to switch to an unlimited voice and text plan for only $40 per month, taxes and fees included. Keep your same number or get a new one. Enjoy the same great service for over 60% less than what you’re paying today.


Need data service? 3g / 4g technology is available now at prices starting at $50 per month. Once again taxes and fees are included in the monthly price.


Already have a GSM phone or do you want a new upgraded model. Interested in a Smartphone? No problem, activation and conversion is simple. Just follow a few simple steps to change services and reduced your monthly expenses by up to 60% or more. Let Voice Over IP America help you switch and save on local, long distance and web services.


Need a new phone? Do you want a new phone? Do you absolutely have to have a new Smartphone? New GSM phones are priced at $29 and up. Buy an unlocked GSM phone of your choice and get all the features you want including access to the 3g / 4g technology and mobile applications. Love your existing phone, we offer unlock services for a practically any GSM phone at very  reasonable prices.


Got an iPhone? No problem, free yourself from AT&T high prices. Got a Blackberry phone, Not a problem, you can switch your service from AT&T, save money and keep you existing phone number. As with any contract, you may face penalties for releasing yourself from their contract.


Bottom line, you have to save money while keeping your ability to communicate with friends loved ones and business partners. Whether you want to talk, text or use Internet data service, Voice Over IP America has a Simple Mobile Service plan that is best for you and on your budget. No Contract or Credit Check, just simply the best service and price you will find anywhere. It is time to switch.

    Voice Over IP America is proud to be a authorized agent of Simple Mobile cellular services.